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Creative1 Hull ©2016
An organic art project to retell the transmigrants’ story
Created by Huw Morris Jones, Hull businessman & Art maker, #ToHull project will start during the celebration of Hull 2017 UK City of Culture.
The concept consists in sending and following 1,000 symbolic white suitcases from 15 towns and cities in Northern Europe to the USA, via Hull. Each suitcase symbolising 2,400 individual journeys of the 2.4 M transmigrants that made similar journeys from 1848 to 1914.
Citizens from each city are invited to take part and collect the suitcases to make part of the journey, they are the Art Carriers.
In Amsterdam, Hull, Liverpool, New York and Chicago the 1000 suitcases come together, dropped off by each Art Carrier, to create a random, organic, sculptural art installation, presented alongside a visual backdrop of easily accessible content about the transmigrants’ story.
Each suitcase is white to give each Art Carrier the freedom to use it as a blank canvas. It has its own Twitter hashtag and number which is used by the Art Carrier and its potential spotters, to upload pictures, thoughts, movies and facts about their journey, or about the people who made the original one.
The project is designed to build a growing, engaged community and Social Media content archive, over the full duration and across all media platforms.
Sponsorship will fund the project, from the suitcases design & manufacture to the Art installations in Amsterdam, Hull, Liverpool, New York and Chicago.
Legacy projects such as a book and a film documenting are developed from the project, working with local organisation such as Hull College of Art & Design or HANA (Humber All Nations Alliance), Hull based charity.
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Collaborative project with Creative 1 Hull
General Creative Direction
Graphic design, scenography…
Art Maker
Huw Morris Jones
Project lead: Creative1 Hull
Paul A Dennis
Film production: Astor productions
Kris Bilski – Image – Editing

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