Howard Hinton Sevens
International rugby 7s tournament
France’s oldest and largest rugby 7s tournament
Initiated by his friends to commemorate the first anniversary of Howard Hinton passing away, the Howard Hinton Sevens tournament is a long lasting “one shot”. It is held in Tours every year in May since 1997.
My first job was to research what rugby sevens represented in France, what the HH7s was really in the tournments’ landscape, and to develop a strategy to revive it and place it on the road to its 20th anniversary with an international ambition.
Then I worked on the rebranding, creating a logo and the graphic identity of the tournament putting Howard back in the center of the event.
The tournament is established as a major French Rugby 7s tournament, part of the FFR Rugby 7s Circuit Elite and a third of the participating teams are from abroad.
Marketing & development strategy
Logo design, brand development and guidelines
Executive Creative Director
Member of the organisation team. Point-of-contact for some teams, search for partners, logistics…
Art Direction, graphic design, apparel creation, etc.
Photos: © Howard Hinton Sevens Organisations Nicolas Albrecht, Geoffrey Berthon, Jean-Philippe Bouillard, Gareth Davies, Philippe Maitre, Patricia Pireyre – Sorenza Photographies, Dimitri Sauze, Jean-Michel Supera, James Techer, The Slutterbug fixateur d’émotions, Inseyed Photography Maud Gruel, iStock.

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