Sports gear e.commerce brand
Triathlon dedicated online shop
4TRY’s concept is to offer a flexible solution and a variety of services that allows athletes to make a reasoned and ‘tailor-made’ choice of equipment for the practice of triathlon.
Triathletes themselves, the owners based their concept on theirown experience. It meets specific needs which places them apart from other e-commerce website specialised in sports equipment.
It was about building a versatile brand identity, not only a logo, as consistency was paramount from print to online applications and, most importantly, for different ranges of products developed for the brand using different marking techniques.
Logo design
Brand development & Guidelines
Graphic Design – Ads, flyers, brochure, infographics…
Web Design
The whole project has been developed in close collaboration with the client. A third party was in charge of the website’s technical development.
Photos ©Thierry Sourbier for 4Try.